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Young volunteers from AMI San Lucas and different schools from the communities of Palestina, Panyebar, Pasajquím, along with the urban area of ​​San Juan La Laguna, and the small towns of Santa María Visitación and Santa Lucia Utatlán, begin their virtual projects.

A group of young volunteers have begun a series of virtual projects using different digital platforms, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those involved in the development and delivery of these projects include representatives from the following schools: the INEB (National Institute of Middle School Education) of San Juan La Laguna, INED (National Institute of High School Education) of San Juan La Laguna, INEB (National Institute of Middle School Education) of Santa María Visitación, INED (National Institute of High School Education) of Santa María Visitación and the IEBC (Cooperative Institute of Middle School Education) of the village of Palestina. In addition, young people from the villages of Panyebar, Pasajquím and the community of Santa Lucia Utatlán also form part of the group.

They have been preparing for this new challenge since March of this year, when we held a face-to-face meeting with them before the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Guatemala. Subsequently, the group of young people have participated in the Youth Leadership training process through Zoom. "I am happy because I am at home, but I am not wasting time because I am developing my leadership skills" commented one teenage girl regarding her participation in the training process.

These virtual projects are in response to the needs that young people identified due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "This time of the pandemic greatly affects the emotional and mental health of young people because they are closed in, bored and are very uncertain about the future and their studies", mentioned one female participant. Identifying that there is a negative emotional impact on young people due to the pandemic and the uncertainty in which they are living, together with facilitators from AMI San Lucas, the group analyzed the needs of young people in their communities and / or school. Taking into account these needs, their abilities and current restrictions, 6 groups were formed and each group will carry out a 100% virtual project where, from their home, young people can help others to deal with some of the different needs they see at this time.

These projects, which will take place during August and September, are a challenge for the group, “I am grateful for this opportunity because it helps me to think of ways to help young people in my community” (youth participant). However, young people are recognising small actions they can take for the benefit of other teenagers to make a positive change in the midst of this pandemic, and continue to love our neighbour in new ways.

Speaking about their projects, participants have commented, “we are excited to do this project for young people in general” and “I feel very good about doing this (project) because I have not done something like this before."

The projects will be carried out mostly through Facebook, where they will share games, active activities and many more things that we can do at home as a family. You can follow them, support them, but above all have fun and develop skills in a healthy way through AMI SAN LUCAS Facebook Page.

We are excited for the youth and their projects, we hope you are too!

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